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Photos from our 'Spring into Archaeology' Event

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IMG_1766.JPG (62770 bytes)

Exhibitors admire each other's collections

IMG_1786.JPG (61937 bytes)

Professor R.T. Fox and his hands-on program for kids

IMG_1781.JPG (62334 bytes)

Visitors enjoy the displays

IMG_1787.JPG (61380 bytes)

Visitors enjoy the artifacts program together

IMG_1767.JPG (68058 bytes)

A great rug collection display

IMG_1782.JPG (57424 bytes)

Assorted axes

IMG_1780.JPG (93132 bytes)

Large assorted points collection

IMG_1778.JPG (87102 bytes)

Quite the Frame!

IMG_1779.JPG (80854 bytes)

Ancient Bison skull display

IMG_1776.JPG (61939 bytes)

Points and Awls

IMG_1777.JPG (58942 bytes)

More Points and Awls

IMG_1772.JPG (53574 bytes)

A great display of Native American clothing

IMG_1764.JPG (48333 bytes)

The Midnight Cowgirl Frame