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One goal of the Loveland Archaeological Society is to promote the study and enjoyment of archaeology throughout the community.  The annual Loveland Stone Age Fair is one way in which we accomplish this goal.  Others include:

Volunteers to assist with these various programs are always welcome, as are new ideas!

Outreach Programs

One of the main goals of the Loveland Archaeological Society (LAS) has always been to develop and present educational programs on Archaeology to the general public, especially in the area’s schools. This goal, along with supporting the preservation of cultural artifacts to have them enjoyed by generations to come, is inherent to the Society’s mission statement and by-laws.

In previous years, in partnership with the Loveland Museum and Gallery, LAS members developed and presented the “Wholesome Folsom Artifacts Roadshow” to numerous 3rd and 4th grade classes studying Native American culture in the area’s many elementary schools. This program was a hands-on opportunity for students to learn about and touch authentic artifacts and Mammoth bones. The many thank you letters and drawings sent by the students, as well as their teachers, attest to the program’s success.

In addition, the Loveland Archaeological Society provided a generous donation to the Loveland Museum and Gallery to fund the preservation and cataloguing of their artifact collection.

A video, “The History of the Stone Age Fair”, was developed and copies sent to area museums including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It also aired on Public Access television stations along the Front Range of Colorado.

These types of programs, including of course the Loveland Stone Age Fair, the annual Spring Into Archaeology Fair, and yearly exhibits at the Loveland Public Library are presented to the public at absolutely no cost.

The Loveland Archaeological Society recognizes the importance of educational and cultural responsibility, and strives to influence current and future generations to understand, appreciate, and preserve the past.